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About itPage

itPage originally debuted in 2004 as EasyCMS.

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itPage has been under evolution since November 2004, starting with an initial posting on LassoForge as "Easy CMS". This was the start of the codebase that eventually became itPage.


The project maintainer is Eric Landmann of Iterate LLC, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Contributors and Credits

itPage has benefited from the robust, supportive community of developers working in Lasso Professional. Some of those developers who have contributed indirectly to this effort through their public contributions on and LassoTalk include: Bil Corry, Johan Sölve, Jason Huck, Greg Willits, Steffan Cline, Brian Loomis, Marc Pope, Jim Van Heule, Rich Fortnum, Seth Ganahl, Tami Williams, Alex Pilson, Chris Corwin, Göran Törnquist, Ke Carlton, Steve Piercy, Jono Guthrie, Jess Landmann, Pier Kuipers, John May, Fletcher Sandbeck, Adam Randall, and Wade Maxfield.

Screencast narration by Jess Mooers.

Musical inspiration by Shpongle, Tori Amos, Radiohead, BBC Radio 1, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Jan Johnston, Killing Joke, BT, Howard Shore, Sade.