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Features Overview


Front-End Features

  • Galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Multiple templates
  • Clean URLs
  • Flexible navigation options – unlimited changes to heirarchy and page sort order
  • Rotating stories
  • Portfolios
  • Built-in Search feature – works without any extra effort
  • Robust image support, including native .swf and automatic conversion of video to Flash video
  • User-management system
  • CSS-driven means pages load quickly
  • jQuery used for several elegant features
  • "Hidden" pages won't be found by search engines – great for landing pages

Back-End Features

  • Easily activate/deactivate pages or entire heirarchy nodes
  • Create, edit, and store page content
  • Modify site heirarchy using nested-set architecture
  • Image library contains images for the entire site - photos, PDFs, even video
  • Password reset feature for users
  • SEO tailoring on site-wide or per-page basis
  • Recommended for use with MySQL database
  • Image conversion hooks directly into ImageMagick using PassThru
  • Extensible
  • MySQL datasource
  • Site custom tags are automatically loaded
  • Tooltips provide admin help
  • Site-wide or page-specific tailoring of meta information (keywords, description, author)