itPage is hosted as a project on Google Code.
There is a talk list through Google Groups.
Documentation is on the itPage Wiki.
itPage is powered by Lasso Professional.

itPage Content Management System

Feature-rich CMS for Lasso Professional


Welcome to the home of the itPage Content Management System (CMS) for the Lasso Professional language. itPage has been under development for five years. Whether you are an end-user looking for an economical CMS solution, or a developer looking for a CMS that is easy enough for end-users, you will find that itPage has something to offer.

For the User

Sites running itPage allow the administrator to modify their site with any web browser. itPage uses straightfoward, intuitive terms and procedures for page creation, image uploading, and content management. The user can control nearly all aspects of their site, including:

  • Page content
  • Template selection
  • SEO tailoring
  • Image library
  • Testimonials management
  • Portfolios
  • Image galleries

For the Developer

itPage is a CMS that offers advanced features for the Lasso developer. itPage is provided as open-source, fully-commented code. Documentation, screencast tutorials, and a talk list are available for use. Features of interest to developers are:

  • Control of system settings
  • Command-line integration of powerful image manipulation utilities
  • Open-source code, commented and documented
  • Flexible template system
  • Sitewide template selection with page-specific template and stylesheet overrides
  • A library of ready-to-use tags for output of data blocks
  • Integrated debugging system
  • Development resources, including Google Code repository (Subversion), talk list, and documentation wiki
  • Many tags are integrated from Tagswap
  • Integration of jQuery
  • Optional paid support
  • Open-source code released under the Creative Commons Attribution license. See the license page for details.

See itPage in Action

Dozens of sites are currently running itPage. See some of these sites in action to get an idea of the variety of possibilities. One more thing – this site of course uses itPage. No smoke and mirrors, nothing fancy, everything stock.